San Rafael Police

Report of Armed Man Prompts Lockdown of North Bay Schools

A report of a possibly armed man on the loose had three North Bay schools on lockdown Friday.

It turns out the man was not armed and the situation ended peacefully.

Tiburon police said the man confronted a priest in the parking lot of Saint Hilary's Church. Police were called and the school went on lockdown, but the man was gone.

Officers were able to contact his family, who was concerned that a gun might be missing from the home.

The man turned up at Saint Raphael's Church in San Rafael, where two schools were locked down. Police said after 10 minutes they were able to talk the man out.

The man had suicidal comments and said that it would not end well, according to police.

The gun that caused all the concern was located at the home and was retrieved by Tiburon police.

Investigators said the man was not charged, but taken for a mental health evaluation.

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