San Jose

Reports of Creepy Clown Attacks Have Some Bay Area Residents on Edge

A San Jose woman says she was startled to see what looked like a clown sitting in a truck outside her home Thursday morning.

The sight rattled her enough to call police.

Officers ultimately determined the clown was a mannequin and say the driver was not breaking any laws.

Creepy clowns have been taking over the country since August in South Carolina.

On Thursday, a school superintendent in San Jose sent out a warning letter to students telling them to beware after threats were made at schools.

Other reported threats in the Bay Area - but no actual violence - aimed at schools in San Mateo, Fairfield, Oakland and Antioch. All incidents were reported this month.

Tweets from handles that are often deleted, make general threats, such as "I'm gonna get ya. Be ready."

A woman in Concord said a clown on the street yanked her toddler's hand on Wednesday before she kicked his shin sending him to run away.

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