Reptile Rescue Organization to Seek New Home for Large Snake Found in Pescadero

A snake found under a car outside a school in Pescadero has been taken in by a reptile rescue organization that will try to find it a long-term home, according to the Peninsula Humane Society.

The snake was found under a car outside the Pescadero Elementary and Middle School at 620 North St. around 3:15 p.m. on Friday Sept. 5.

Described as being around 4.5 inches wide and weighing 40 pounds, the snake was captured and turned over the humane society.

While the snake was previously mistakenly identified as a 7-foot-long Burmese python, it has now been reidentified by a reptile expert as a boa constrictor, according to humane society spokesman Scott Delucchi.

The snake is currently in the process of shedding and has been aggressive to handlers, according to Delucchi.

"It's doing some hissing and striking at the cage it's being held in when anyone approaches it," Delucchi said previously.

The humane society has been able to locate a reptile rescue organization, which will be picking up the snake in the next day or two.

The name of the rescue group, which has a property outside of San Mateo County, will not be released, to avoid a large number of public calls and animals, Delucchi said.

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