California's Republican Party will be kicking off its annual convention on March 12th in Santa Clara, the heart's delight of the very Silicon Valley where gubernatorial hopefuls Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner minted their fortunes.

But the real action is going to be in Orange County a few days later, when former eBay CEO Whitman will finally debate current state Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner.

Poizner's campaign has long needled Whitman's about scheduling a debate. A Whitman campaign spokesperson said that the date of the debate hinged on the filing deadline for primary candidates in explaining why the candidate declined an invitation from the convention.

Instead, the match of wits will take place at a meeting of wealthy Republican donor group optimistically named the New Majority, angering some Republicans that have not enjoyed the same success at capitalism the candidates have.

"I am uncomfortable with the sub-narrative. Donors who pay $10,000/year can enjoy an in-person debate. Grassroots activists get shut out," Flash Report editor Jon Fleischman tweeted in protest.

Jackson West just wants to know if it will be posted to YouTube, but will settle for a transcript.

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