Reservations, Tickets May Soon Be Required at Muir Woods

The National Park Service may soon require Muir Woods visitors to schedule a reservation and purchase tickets to gain access to the national monument.

The park service hopes to have the plan in place in the next two years. Officials said the plan would help manage overcrowding issues that have recently plagued Muir Woods.

"There are times when we can experience upwards of 300 to 400 vehicles parked along Muir Woods Road that are overflowing from our parking area," National Park Service Deputy Superintendent Aaron Roth said.

Roth said a reservation system, along with an $8 to $10 ticket for admission, will allow the park service to control how many people are at Muir Woods at one time.

"Our hope is to really allow the woods to provide that inspiring experience," Roth said.

Reaction from visitors on the plan are mixed.

"I think it's awful," Sacramento-resident Kevin Turner said of the plan. "It's a park. You shouldn't charge too much and then make people wait to get into a park."

Donnie Carnahan, who was visiting the park from Dallas, said the plan would help with parking issues.

"The parking was pretty difficult, so I think that probably wouldn't be a bad idea," Carnahan said.

The Marin County Board of Supervisors are scheduled to discuss the plan at a meeting on June 30.

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