Residents Prepare for Buena Vista Mobile Home Park Closure in Palo Alto

Maria Martinez and her neighbors' efforts to legally prevent the sale of Buena Vista Mobile Park came to an end this week after the Palo Alto City Council rule the owner's desire to sell is legal.

Martinez and her family will be forced to relocate once the owner finalizes the sale.

"I'm scared," she said. "Home means everything to me. This is home."

The Palo Alto City Council unanimously approved relocation benefits that would help the residents move elsewhere. But residents said it is not enough.

"I spend $1,300 per month for my rent, my mortgage and my utilities," said Melodie Cheney, who has lived at Buena Vista for 16 years. "The cheapest one-bedroom I've seen is $1,800 in the county."

Resident Mary Kear said the idea of being evicted makes her angry.

"I'm angry because it's people," she said. "It's people with kids, it's families."

Buena Vista is home to about 400 people, including many low-income families. Many of the children thrive at local schools.

Parents said the sale of the mobile home park is not just pushing them out, but also their kids who bring diversity to the wealthy area.

"It's the diversity that makes any city rich," resident Nicolas Martinez said. "Not in money, but customs, cultures."

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