Residents Want Ban of Tour Buses in North Beach

SF MTA looking at proposal that would block tour buses from going on some of the neighborhood's streets.

Residents of San Francisco's famed North Beach neighborhood want to take their city back.

The City's Municipal Transportation Agency is looking at a measure to limit commercial vehicles with more than nine people in them from traveling on some roads around North Beach.

Residents of the neighborhood reportedly have long complained to the City about loud idling buses carrying tourists through the neighborhood and leaving fumes and traffic jams behind them.

The proposal by the SFMTA, which manages the City's streets, would prohibit tour buses from from driving on Mason, Powell, and Stockton streets between Francisco and Lombard streets and also on Lombard, Chestnut and Francisco streets between Mason and Stockton streets.

The SFMTA’s board of directors is expected to vote on the proposal Tuesday.

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