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SF Supervisor Introduces Resolution to Renegotiate Deal with NFL for Super Bowl Expenses

A new attempt to wring more money from the National Football League has been sacked at San Francisco's City Hall.

Supervisor Jane Kim on Tuesday requested her fellow board members to back a demand that the NFL cover any and all taxpayer dollars spent on hosting Super Bowl 50 festivities. San Francisco is hosting the week-long party before the big game, which will in turn put the city on the hook for about $5 million in costs related to public safety, public transit and public works.

"Why should we leave $5 million on the table?" Kim said. "Why should any of the public's money be used to subsidize a party for the rich?"

Kim is spearheading a resolution to renegotiate with the NFL. Supervisors John Avalos and Arron Peskin are in support of Kim's efforts.

But business leaders are questioning the motives and accuse Kim of political grandstanding. San Francisco Chamber of Commerce Vice President Jim Lazarus said the resolution is not about public dollars, but is about Kim running for the State Senate.

"I think it's a political stunt," Lazarus said. "She found this issue, and so her allies are pushing this very negative story to show that somehow she is a watchdog of the public purse."

Kim's resolution was introduced Tuesday and has no chance of getting the required unanimous vote in time to renegotiate with the NFL. Kim and Avalos both said the resolution is about protecting the city in future deals.

"You can call it grandstanding," Avalos said. "Or you can call it looking out for the best interest of San Francisco taxpayers and that's what we're doing."

Both Avalos and Kim were on the Board of Supervisors back in 2012 when the Super Bowl bid received unanimous support. Kim said she and the board got it wrong back then and adds that she is now trying to fix it.

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