Returning Salesforce Employees Will Have to Be Fully Vaccinated

NBC Universal, Inc.

Salesforce plans to bring people back to its massive San Francisco tower starting in May, and the employees who return will have to prove they've been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

The announcement is raising some ethical and legal concerns.

"We can't really institute this until everybody's had a fair chance to get the vaccine, so until we can ensure that everyone's had an opportunity to access it," Dr. Charles Binkley, director of bioethics at the Markkula Center, said.

Companies like Facebook, Intel and Cisco have announced that returning employees will not have to be vaccinated, but all are strongly encouraging employees to do so.

At San Francisco's Fast, some employees are already back in the building.

"The vaccine is not required at this time," Kali Myrick, director of communications at Fast, said.

The company said it's too early to force employees to do something not everyone has access to.

"The rollout for the vaccine has obviously been taking some time to reach everyone," Myrick said. "We want to make sure that before we make that official policy that our employees have that ability to be vaccinated."

Labor lawyers said companies can require employees to get vaccinated, with some exceptions. But they say we won't likely see that happen at least for several months until everyone can get the shot.

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