Dr. Amos Brown Honored for 40 Years of Service in San Francisco

Dr. Amos Brown, who has steered the Third Baptist Church of San Francisco for 40 years and been a prominent civil rights activist, was honored by well-known dignitaries Friday night.

Former President Bill Clinton, former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, current California Gov. Jerry Brown and Rev. Jesse Jackson were all in attendance to celebrate Dr. Brown and his wife for their four decades of service to the community.

"What they did here for 40 years embodies what America ought to be doing all day, every day," Clinton said.

Clinton continued to praise Dr. Brown for lifting up the masses and bringing all types of people together, something that Clinton suggests global leaders should do more often this day and age.

"Why are we doing this 'us and them' deal when we ought to be all us and figuring out how we can work together," the former president said. "That's the legacy of this church."

A humble Dr. Brown was not necessarily impressed by the distinguished guests. He said the message shared was the most impressive aspect of the evening.

"We have common core values that we've all embraced on the behalf of the common good of all people," he said.

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