Richmond Residents on Alert Over Multiple Neighborhood Burglaries

A series of brazen daytime burglaries has a Richmond neighborhood on edge as somebody has been breaking into homes in the middle of the day and stealing family heirlooms and electronics.

As 67-year-old Fari and her husband went to pick up gardening supplies, someone broke into their home through the back door.

"I was shocked," Fari said. "I was screaming, and my husband got panicked."

Thieves stole $100,000 in family heirlooms, including a gold piece of jewelry that Fari bought from Iran.

In June, Fari’s next door neighbor also had his home burglarized. Mark Hamilton said thieves used a ladder to climb through an open bathroom window and stole computers and jewelry.

Police said at least four homes in the neighborhood have been targeted and believe it's by the same group.

"To think about people getting robbed in the daytime or anytime it’s just bad," said neighbor Ben Levine.

Fari says she won’t feel at ease at the home she loves until the thieves are caught.

"I don’t feel safe to go out because I don’t know what happens, and I don’t feel safe to stay in," she said.

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