Rideshare Drivers Protest for More Pay, Better Working Conditions

Uber's stock price may have dropped, but that didn't stop some drivers in California from protesting outside the homes of billionaire investors for more pay and better working conditions.

Ride-share drivers in the state are taking an "in your face" approach to demand higher wages, overtime pay and medical benefits. Several drivers protested right outside the multi-million dollar homes of top Lyft and Uber investors in the Bay Area.

An Uber spokesperson provided the following statement in response to the protests:

“Drivers are a crucial part of our platform, which is why we work every day to improve their experience by creating things like consistent earnings, stronger insurance protections and safety improvements. It’s also why we’ve been forcefully advocating to create a new standard of work in California that establishes commitments and transparency on earnings, ensure earnings cover driving expenses, access to new benefits such as healthcare and protects worker’s flexibility."

NBC Bay Area's Anoushah Rasta has more in the video report above.

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