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Rio Olympics Provide a ‘Target-Rich Environment' For Hackers

It’s not just athletes heading to the Olympic Games.

As Rio gets ready for the world to visit, hackers are getting ready, too.

According to the United States government, your private information is in danger, especially if you keep it on your smartphone, in Rio.

“It is a target-rich environment,” said Slawek Ligier of Silicon Valley security company Barracuda Networks.

Information like banking data, personal pictures and passwords — all the things we’ve gotten used to carrying with us everywhere we go — are extremely vulnerable if in the wrong hands.

So experts say, don’t trust the Rio Wi-Fi. Leave private information back home, off your phone.

Says Barracuda’s Ligier, "Your data could be compromised, obviously the data on that device could be stolen, which would lead to the loss of your information."

Scott tracks threats on Twitter: @scottbudman

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