Ritual Coffee Auctioning Off a Barista for a Good Cause

Popular San Francisco roaster will send one of its finest to your home for a good cause.

Coffee snobs everywhere know a good espresso machine is nothing without an even better grinder.

But even a top of the line home espresso set up isn't worth a bean without a barista who knows how to make those machines sing out beautiful, caramel-filled shots.

That's why Ritual Coffee Roasters is auctioning one of its finest baristas for your home entertainment use as part SF Made week.

The San Francisco-based non-profit is auctioning off Ritual's barista and several other items from local San Francisco manufacturers this week to support and get the word out on local businesses that build products and operate in the city.

The winner of the auction will have a Ritual barista come to their home, with coffee, and teach him or her how to brew better coffee.

The auction price is up over $112 as of Tuesday morning with five days left to bid. Ritual understandably believes that a price can't be put on its baristas.

That's partly why they won't ship the human coffee-maker. The auction winner must be willing to pick up the barista locally.

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