Robinson Cano Snubs Melky Cabrera

With baseball's best players gathered in Kansas City for the All-Star Game recently, Robinson Cano drew a lot of attention -- most of it unwanted -- from Royals fans who were furious that he didn't pick Billy Butler for the AL Home Run Derby team.

And on Tuesday night, it looks like Cano took out his frustrations on Melky Cabrera, snubbing his former teammate as Melky rounded the bases during his MVP-winning home run trot.

Of course, Cano didn't really snub Melky angrily. The two played together with the Yankees and are, according to Melky, actually quite good buddies.

But Cano's a competitor -- and one who'd been booed all week at that -- so you know he's not going to give his pal a high-five while watching him do a home-run trot against Cano's own team.

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