Robot Steals the Show at Intel Show-Off Day

Intel is holding its annual research day at The Computer History Museum in Mountain View.

Now in it's ninth year, the event is designed as a way to look into the future of tech and discover new innovations.

Among the ideas of the next generation featured at this year's gathering is a robot that stole the show. The "recycling robot" can do just about anything -- from simple daily tasks recycling to mixing a drink.

Known to the Intel folks as "Herb," the 'bot actually "sees" you and nearby items with a laser beam that shoots out from its center.  Thanks to that beam, it can tell what it can grab, and -- for example -- where your recycling bin is.

Tech reporter Scott Budman is one of the lucky ones who got a sneak peek at the ultra-cool gadget to top all gadgets. We included a video link he sent back, so you can see the robot in action.

Like last year's event, Intel is also trotting out all sorts of energy-saving technology. From an electric car, to chips to help the grid, Intel is thinking about saving money with the help of its partners, many of whom are represented at the conference as well. 

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