San Mateo

Rock Thrown Through Window at San Mateo City Council Member's Home

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San Mateo police are looking into what some people are calling a hate crime.

Last week, a rock was thrown through a window at the home of San Mateo City Council Member Amourence Lee, who said her own background as the first Asian American woman to serve on the council along with her support for the LGBTQ community may have been the reason why.

"I'm shaking with fear," Lee said in a Facebook Live following the incident. "This is a form of harassment. This is violence."

Lee said she was at home with her children when someone — possibly seen through a neighbor’s security camera — threw the rock.

The day before, Lee was part of the first-ever LGBTQ flag raising over city hall.

"I am biracial, I am Jewish, I say black lives matter, and I’ve also been a champion for our LGBTQ community,” Lee said.

Police said there are no suspects at this point.

“There's been some conversation about whether or not this was classified as a hate crime,” a police spokesperson said. “At this time we're investigating the case. We don't know for sure."

Lee said there is some good news to come out of the incident. Community members have stepped up, offering donations to help fix the window. Local construction crews are offering help as well.

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