Rock-Wielding Hitchhiker Strikes Woman Outside East Bay BART Station For Declining Ride Request: Police

A woman carrying a child allegedly beat a driver with a rock when the driver refused to give her a ride outside the Pittsburg/Bay Point BART Station Sunday night, according to BART police.

The violent encounter was sparked around 9:45 a.m. along the station's access road when the driver stopped to avoid hitting the woman, who was standing in the middle of the roadway, according to BART police.

The woman standing in the road requested a ride, but the driver refused, according to BART police. The woman brandished a rock and struck the driver before fleeing the scene.

The driver suffered minor injuries and went to a local hospital to receive treatment, according to BART police.

Her attacker was described as being about 25 years of age, and she was holding a toddler during the melee, BART police said.

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