Rohnert Park Launches Investigation After Video Shows Cop Pull Gun Out on Man

An incident caught on video that shows a Rohnert Park police officer pulling his gun on a man who apparently did not commit a crime is under investigation, officials said.

The video posted by Don McComas on Facebook last week has gone viral.

"We're going to look into this incident and do a review of it to see if it matches the protocol, and look at protocols to make sure we are doing everything possible to keep our officers and community members safe," Rohnert Park City Manager Darrin Jenkins said.

Sources tell NBC Bay Area the officer was in the area because police received a complaint about parking. The situation escalates when McComas refuses to take his hand out of his pocket.

LaDoris Cordell, a former San Jose police auditor, said the video is troubling because the officer pulled out his weapon.

The message being sent, Cordell said, is "I will use this gun for you to comply with the order."

McComas did nothing wrong, according to Cordell.

"You can record anything you want in public and with respect to police as long as you don't interfere, you can record them," Cordell said.

But citizens should be careful, Cordell said.

"When an officer makes a lawful order you are supposed to follow," she said.

McComas declined to discuss the incident late Tuesday, but said he has hired an attorney.

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