Roku Video Streamer Opens Free Channel Store, Lacks Hulu

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As if the Roku player — the little $80 streaming media box that could — wasn't already capable enough with its Netflix, and Amazon Video on Demand, now it adds ten more channels. They're calling it the Channel Store, and it's full of potential.

So far, Roku adds the following free channels: Pandora, motionbox, mediafly, blip.TV, twit.TV, Facebook photos, Revision3, framechannel, Flickr, and MobileTribe. Yeah, we're yawning too, except we celebrate the presence of our favorite, Pandora, the free music service that's welcome wherever it goes.

Even though we work for the Sheinhardt Wig Company (better known as NBC Universal), corporate collaborator of world's-best video site, Hulu, we still must ask: where is it? Hulu support on this little Roku box was much-rumored, and it's the one everyone wants, but the little box that could, can't. At least so far. We're waiting. Still, this dirt-cheap streaming video box ($100 for the HD version, $130 adds wireless-N) is the best value in Internet video today.

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