Roll 'em Out: LinkedIn Debuts “Food Truck Friday”

Here's one way to keep employees

One of the challenges facing tech companies in a strong economy is how to keep employees from going somewhere else.

Say you're already successful, big, and publicly traded.

How do you keep talented employees from going to small, sexy startups?

That's something a lot of tech firms are fighting against these days, and LinkedIn (which, by the way, is now officially successful, big, and publicly traded) has an answer: Food Truck Friday.

As outlined on the company's blog, Friday is Day One of a plan to roll six food trucks up to LI headquarters in Mountain View, and let employees choose from a diverse menu of meals on wheels. Curry, Mexican, Chinese food all served from trucks, all designed to make a big company that much cooler.

LinkedIn says it's brought food trucks to campus before, and, in their words, have gotten "rave reviews" from employees. We all know food is the way to a tech worker's heart.

Bring in a variety of choices, and maybe all those talented workers will be so busy eating, they'll forget about all those pings from outside companies looking for their skills.

Scott rolls on LI and Twitter: @scottbudman

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