Romney's “Binders Full of Women” Goes Viral

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney's offhand comment Tuesday night about perusing "binders full of women" to fill his state cabinet has sparked a viral tidal wave of Facebook pages, tweets and blogs.

The phrase was his response to a question on pay inequality between men and women and inspired a Facebook page with more than 300,000 fans, Twitter hashtags, a blog and several memes, CNN reported. The phrase was also the third-fastest rising search on Google during the debate.

From Facebook:

"Binders full of women cost 77 cents, while binders full of men cost $1."
"Do they sell #BindersFullOfWomen at Staples?"

While the initial reaction might have been one of curiosity and comedy, it's now become decidedly political. "Women have held the highest political office in Israel, Germany, and the United Kingdom," Maria Panaritis wrote in the Philadelphia Inquirer. " In America, by contrast, voters have preferred to behave as if the White House had a 'men-only' sign hanging in the Rose Garden."
Democratic strategist Maria Cardona also weighed in on "Even as a slip of the tongue, this odd phrase betrays Romney's true lack of understanding, knowledge and comfort level on women's equality," she said. 
However you choose to view the phenomenon, the phrase has captured the attention of country. (And was snapped up within 90 seconds.)
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