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Roommate Defends Man Arrested During Oak Grove High Bomb Probe

'Police are making him out to be like Ted Kaczynski. He’s not even close'

A more detailed picture has surfaced of the man arrested in the investigation of a homemade bomb found at Oak Grove High School last week.

Andrew Page White was arrested at an apartment complex just a few blocks from the campus last Friday, and police said several homemade explosive devices were found inside his apartment.

There's a lot of mystery surrounding White, who is being held in the Santa Clara County Main jail on a no-bail warrant. And on Monday, his roommate is adding some interesting details in White's defense.

John Wolfington was still upset over the broken windows and damage done to his apartment by police after they forcibly arrested his roommate then searched and reportedly found what were described as several improvised explosive devices.

The search warrant was linked to a pipe bomb found earlier in the week at nearby Oak Grove High School. But Wolfington said the equipment seized was part of a homemade still used to make so-called moonshine liquor, not bombs.

He also said the other material in the garage was old fireworks that belonged to someone else.

"Police are making him out to be like Ted Kaczynski. He’s not even close," Worthington said. "This guy will lay down his life to protect kids. And they’re trying to make him out to be the Unabomber. No."

White has not been named as a suspect in the Oak Grove High incident. He was arrested for violating probation on a prior charge of possession of a controlled substance for sale, police said.

Records show White has a criminal record, which includes obstructing an officer.

Neighbors at the apartment complex said White roared though the area at all hours on his motorcycle and flew a drone throughout the units, ignoring complaints.

"Everyone said they were scared of him," neighbor Cornelio Mata Lopez said. "There was no doubt about it. Everybody was scared of him. ... He doesn’t care about nobody. He doesn’t respect anybody, especially the children."

White is scheduled to go to court on Dec. 3 for violating probation. The investigation into the Oak Grove pipe bomb still is ongoing.

Anyone who has tips or video surveillance of the area is urged to contact Detective Joel Martinez (408) 464-8379. Information can be submitted anonymously at (408) 947-7867.

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