Her Majesty Is Royally A-Twitter

Even Queen is microblogging

The Queen of England has already graced YouTube with her presence.  Thanks to Barack Obama, she has her own iPod.  Her royal line has its own website.  Now, the Queen of England is ready to microblog.  As of this morning, Buckingham Palace is officially represented on Twitter.

Now, we're told the Queen Herself will not send out Her own Tweets. But neither does Britney Spears, and that hasn't stopped 2.34 million people from following her. Who wouldn't want to follow the ultimate celebrity?

Even for royalty, this is an amazing way to get the word out.  Think about how long it took for messengers to get from castle to castle in the old days, only to find out what Shakespeare really meant by "killing the messenger."  Now, a few keystrokes, a couple of clicks, and  royal proclamations can be sent around the world.

Can you imagine if Twitter existed during the time of King Henry VIII?  No need to send flirtatious little notes to Anne Boleyn. He could have just hit on her via TwitterBerry. Divorce? 140 characters or less, and you're done. 

Ah, the possibilities.  More likely, though, we'll never get the inside scoop from the actual royal family, unless a butler goes rogue. If that happens, Your Highness, we suggest the Lindsay Lohan defense: Claim your Twitter account was hacked.

Scott Budman can't measure up to royalty, but can be found on Twitter: @scottbudman 

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