Parrot Ruffles Feathers Over Spanish Curse Word For “Prostitute”

A parrot named Rula is ruffling some feathers in Tracy, California.

At issue is what exactly Rula is spewing from his gray beak. Neighbor Jennifer Baca told NBC affilate KCRA that she swears the green parrot is repeating the cuss word for "prostitute" in Spanish. She blames the parrot for her grandchildren having now picked up the word.

But the bird's owner claims that is impossible. Owner Rita Canisales told the station that all she hears is Rula repeating his name, "Rula, Rula." Her neighbor, who speak Spanish as her native tongue, has simply misunderstood, Canisales said. 

She insisted the bird is not bilingual and she's only taught her talking bird English, including the words to the song "Old McDonald." The parrot also has other talents which include barking like a dog, meowing like a cat, or mimicking the sounds of a drill or waterfall, Canisales said

Meanwhile, Animal Control Services have responded to Rula's home more than dozen times due to complaints over noise from the parrot and barking from the owner's dogs, KCRA reported. 

"Bird complaints are a little unusual," Ben Miller, the Tracy Animal Shelter supervisor, told the station. 

KCRA played a recording of Rula uttering the phrase in question for Miller so he could hear from himself. 

"As I don't have any bilingual staff members," Miller said, "I'm not sure I can confirm that it's cursing."

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