Rumor: AT&T Dropping IPhone to Stop Dropping Calls

While all the focus might be on Wednesday's announcement about the new Apple tablet, insiders are reporting other news as well.

While most people have been thinking that Apple was looking to other carriers for the iPhone, it looks like it's actually the other way around: AT&T is looking to drop their exclusivity on the iPhone.

HotHardware is reporting that an anonymous inside source said that AT&T is tired of "taking the heat" for the shoddy reception that iPhones have. People think it's an AT&T problem.

AT&T thinks it's an iPhone problem. AT&T is going to introduce a bunch of new phones to compete once they lose exclusive rights to the iPhone.

They're hoping that once the data-hogging iPhone goes elsewhere, their other phones will shine, and the reputation of the carrier will be restored. You can't help but notice the aggressive anti-Verizon adds from AT&T starring Luke Wilson.

Is the iPhone hurting the image of AT&T, or is AT&T holding back the iPhone?

HotHardware via Slashdot

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