Running on EV: Tesla, Nio Help Charge Silicon Valley's Fight Against Climate Change

It's no secret driving is one of the worst things we do to the Earth.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, each gallon of gas we use while driving sends nearly 9,000 grams of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Each year, gas-powered cars send 4.6. metric tons of carbon dioxide into the air.

But there are electric alternatives being made in the Bay Area.

Silicon Valley companies like Tesla and Nio are turning the Bay Area into something of a modern-day Motown by building electronic cars that don't use any gas, lowering harmful emissions to zero.

But electric cars won't go anywhere without electricity.

Enter Silicon Valley's ChargePoint who is trying to make charging an electronic vehicle better than going to a gas station. The company has installed 100,000 charging stations so far with the goal of replacing gas pumps.

ChargePoint says it has, so far, given drivers the energy to go 1.6 billion miles, avoiding 227 million kilograms of greenhouse gasses from entering the atmosphere.

Among those involved in ChargePoint's latest round of funding is Chevron, which is a sign the electronic vehicles movement is catching on.

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