Saint Francis High School Football Team to Emulate NFL Stars for Super Bowl Crews at Levi’s Stadium

The Saint Francis High School football team just completed an amazing season, but the bonus game players will enjoy Friday is one they’ll never forget.

Broadcast crews at Levi's Stadium have invited the Mountain View athletes to the field. Crews need practice for Super Bowl Sunday and will have the team run plays like the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos.

"There's been a joke going around school that there are three teams left playing football," said Nick Gairaud, a senior who lines up as center for the Saint Francis Lancers. "The Panthers, the Broncos and the Saint Francis Lancers."

The simulated game will run about four hours.

Lancers Head Coach Greg Calcagno said the team will help broadcast crews set up sight lines and replay booths.

"We got to step out of bounds, just barely, and keep running,” Calcagno said. "Make sure [the broadcast crews] got it."

Quarterbacks plan to emulate Peyton Manning of the Broncos and Cam Newton of the Panthers.

"A great group of kids together one final time," Calcagno said. "And they get to enjoy all their hard work and play on a big stage for fun."

For many of the Lancers players, helping prepare the stage for the National Football League's biggest game will be their last time taking the field.

"It's the dream," Gairaud said.

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