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Salesforce Tower ‘Tops Off': Tallest Building West of Chicago

Cloud computing giant Salesforce celebrated the laying of the final beam — known in construction terms as "topping off" — at its new headquarters in downtown San Francisco Thursday.

The building, located on Mission Street, between Fremont and First streets, is 1,070 feet high and is the tallest office building in the U.S. west of Chicago, CNBC reported.

“I remember my grandfather telling me this was the new face of San Francisco going up,” said Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, as he reminisced watching the Bank of America and the Transamerica Pyramid going up when he was a a young boy.

Salesforce Tower 'Tops Off'

Benioff will open up the top floor — the Ohana Floor — to nonprofits and community groups as a way of giving back to the community.

When completed, the 61-story steel and glass tower will surpass New York City's Chrysler Building. A dramatic crown of glass, metal mullions, and partially open metal screen will sit atop the tower, according to the construction firm, Clark Construction.

The 14-ft beam was signed by all the construction workers who worked on the building, and had a 6-foot-tall cedar tree attached to it. The beam was blessed by religious leaders before being raised.

The building site is still under construction, and the tower can be seen from miles away, dominating the San Francisco skyline, which is changing drastically. 

You can watch the progress of the construction tower here.

Salesforce is celebrating the laying of the final beam - known as "topping off" - at its new headquarters in downtown San Francisco.


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