Salesforce Helps Bay Area City “Chatter”

It's all about collaboration

To say Silicon Valley software maker, Salesforce, is reaching for the clouds is both nerdy and true. "The Cloud," where all sorts of software companies want to be these days, is hot, with everyone needing storage for all their data, and Salesforce is leading the way.

Sky high is also where Salesforce's business is these days. The company just released huge earnings, and its stock price (CRM), as I write this, sits at an all-time high. Business is very very good for the company and its well-known, well-respected CEO Marc Benioff.

So, with all those business customers, why is Salesforce hitting up local city employees?

Palo Alto knows. That city, known for its high-tech residents, just put Salesforce's "Chatter" to work. Chatter, true to its name, lets companies (or in this case, city employees) communicate quickly and easily. Think Twitter, but for a specific business.

Palo Alto is rolling out the service, to see if its employees can communicate better with it. We don't have results yet, but if it works, expect other cities (with police officers, fire fighters, school boards, etc etc) to want Chatter, too.

We all love to chat. Maybe a little technology can help.

Scott chats on Twitter: @scottbudman

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