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Same Coyote Responsible for 3 East Bay Attacks: State Wildlife Agency

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The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) confirmed Thursday that a coyote responsible for two previous attacks this year in Moraga is the same one that attacked a grocery store clerk in neighboring Lafayette earlier this week.

CDFW Capt. Patrick Foy said DNA results confirmed the match. He added authorities are in the process of planning how to find the coyote.

The most recent attack happened Tuesday behind Diablo Foods market on Mt. Diablo Boulevard. Lab results confirmed that it was indeed a coyote that bit the victim behind the grocery store, CDFW said.

The two other attacks happened on Dec. 4 and July 9, CDFW said.

Kenji Sytz, the victim of the Dec. 4 attack, was doing push-ups as part of his morning exercise routine on the track of Campolindo High School when the coyote bit him unprovoked.

"There was a coyote latched onto my left calf," Sytz said. "Tried to shake him off. He didn't free up, so I had to punch him in the nose."

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