Same-Sex Couple Welcomes Obama’s Remarks

President Barak Obama's delivered a welcome surprise on Monday during his inauguration speech to many same-sex couples, especially in the Bay Area.

The president made it clear gay rights will be a be part of his agenda during his second term when he said: "Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated equal under the law."

Frances Rainin-Stevens of San Francisco said she was pleasantly surprised when she heard that. She and her partner, Jen Rainin-Stevens, said "I do" in 2009 and have two kids, but not a legally recognized marriage.

The couple is hopeful 2013 will be the year same-sex couples are allowed to have equal rights.

Frances Rainin-Stevens said: "To have a president actually say he believes we should be treated equal is extremely moving."

Political analyst Larry Gerston said the president made it clear he wants to act on gay rights: "He wants to keep this on the front burner. They can act on this in several ways. There are a couple of cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, not only that but Congress can act on gay rights too."

Added Francis Rainin-Stevens: "This may be the year we actually get legally married."

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