Same-Sex Marriage More Popular Than Ever

Plurality of voters in California support marriage equality according to Field Poll

While supporters of marriage equality may feel gloomy about the prospects of mounting a successful campaign to overturn Proposition 8 in the next few years, a new poll should offer some hope.

49 percent of California voters now support same-sex marriage according to a recent Field Poll.

That's more than the 44 percent who oppose, and a significant shift from a poll in 1977 that had 62 percent opposed and only 31 percent in favor.

However, it's not a clear majority, and as Proposition 8 demonstrated, it's not so much what possible voters say they support as opposed to which actual voters show up to the polls.

The Field Poll also compared historical changes to opinions on a number of issues, including abortion and physician-assisted suicide -- both of which can count much more support than they could thirty years ago.

The question for same-sex marriage activists is to pursue a campaign in 2010 or 2012 -- with some thinking 2010 is too early and others worried that 2012's presidential election will confuse the issue.

The poll also noted that among Democrats and Independents, views on social issues general grew more liberal; among registered Republicans, more conservative.

Jackson West wonders why not run campaigns in 2010 and 2012 and every other election until it passes?

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