Samsung Hires Google Vet to Control Content

In its fight against Apple, Samsung is employing a former Google executive.

The South Korean company, which is engaged in legal battles with the iPad-maker across the globe hired digital content veteran David Eun, who previously worked at both Google and AOL.

With products like the Samsung Galaxy tablet and a line of smartphones and music players, the company is looking to control more of the content that is distributed on them.

"Samsung Electronics has an unparalleled footprint across multiple devices and platforms that provides a unique experience to consumers around the world. The competition for prominence in the living room has already begun, and Samsung Electronics is ideally situated to extend beyond that to connect the entire home and the lives of consumers," Eun said in a statement. "I'm looking forward to joining the impressive leadership already in place and to building a new presence in media for Samsung Electronics."

Eun will be in charge of developing Samsung's global media strategy, which will help create new revenue streams for the company -- possibly similar to how Apple takes a cut of revenue from its App Store.

All Things D's Kara Swisher reports that Eun's job could entail negotiating media content deals for the company, which would put it more squarely in competition with not only Apple but Google as well.

Eun worked at Google until 2010, when he left to join AOL chief Tim Armstrong at his company. A year later he left AOL when Arianna Huffingon became the new chief editor.

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