Samsung Takes On Apple's New “Spaceship”

Korean company has new campus of its own

Just hours after Apple's new "Spaceship" was approved, Samsung was demolishing a building, throwing down the latest high tech gauntlet.

Just six miles from where Apple - fresh from getting Cupertino's blessing - will build its newest Silicon Valley headquarters, Samsung will put up two new buildings of its own. The research facility will be in Mountain View (I checked ... they're six miles away), a stone's throw away from the iPhone maker.

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What this means, is more jobs in Silicon Valley, more innovation in Silicon Valley, and yes, more traffic in Silicon Valley. Both Apple and Samsung say they'll work with the cities to try and fix any oncoming traffic issues. It's good news, though - both for consumers, and for the local economy: More products to choose from, and more money being pumped into local businesses, restaurants, etc.

Apple is staying put, and building; Samsung moving resources from South Korea, and building.

Both, aiming to be your mobile provider - both, hiring locally.

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