San Bernardino Shooting Leaves Workers Shaken at Bay Area Social Service Facilities

The Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, where more than two dozen people were killed or wounded on Wednesday, is one of 21 regional centers across California that provide social services for the developmentally disabled.

There are four in the Bay Area, including the San Andreas Regional Center in Campbell, where employees where shaken after what happened in Southern California.

Fifteen of the Campbell facility’s 270 employees went home early. As the mass shooting in San Bernardino was unfolding, employees San Andreas employees watched with concern.

"We didn’t know if it was regional center staff being targeted, or if it was a bigger scale attack of regional centers,” said Javier Zaldivar, executive director of San Andreas Regional Center.

This office, like 20 others across the state, is now working with local police to determine if they need added security this week.

The regional centers are funded by the state, offering social services for 290,000 people with developmental disabilities. Whether it's finding housing for clients, or just a bus pass. They also offer educational services for kids.

The Inland Regional Center will be closed until Monday. All others will remain open, but they'll open with heavy hearts.

"It's another senseless act of violence that many of us are questioning,” Zaldivar said.

None of the victims Wednesday were employees or clients of the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino. The victims were members of an outside group renting a conference center.

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