San Carlos Council Passes Moratorium on Stores Selling Guns, Ammunition

Hundreds of people crowded into San Carlos City Hall on Monday night for an emotional debate about the opening of a store that sells guns, and city leaders responded by passing a moratorium on such outlets.

A Turner's Outdoorsman store had planned to open in the city this month, but community backlash prompted the City Council to take action that will keep the store's doors closed.

"More guns in our town unquestionably increases risk of something happening," resident Joanne Sarrail said. "I don't think it fits out city."

Many residents agreed with Sarrail, saying after recent mass shootings, they don't want more guns on the street. And the store's location also is concerning.

"Near a swim center, a dance studio, a laser tag," Sarrail said. "So are the boys gonna do laser tag and go to the gun store and check them out?"

Supporters of the store say the city is slamming the door on a law-abiding business.

"This applicant has invested money and obtained a space to put in a lawful business that's regulated by the state," resident Glenn Gelineau said.

Representatives for the store say they take gun laws and security seriously.

"The last thing we would do is endanger staff and employees by recklessly valuing a dollar of the rule of law," Turner spokesman Bill Ortiz said.

Council member Ron Collins reminded Turner representatives several of their stores have had guns stolen.

"San Bernadino, 70 forearms stolen," he said. "Those were armed robberies."

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