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San Carlos Residents Take Issue With Planned Store That Sells Guns

Residents of a Peninsula city are stunned and outraged they weren't warned of a new store that will sell guns, and now the city is being pushed to change its plans.

Turner's Outdoorsman is planning to open in San Carlos in November. But a group of residents who don't want a gun retailer in their city are asking city leaders to step in and to block the store from opening.

"How does a shop that sells guns come into a community without anyone being aware of it?" resident Ron Piovesan said.

Piovesan and about a dozen neighbors showed up at the San Carlos City Council meeting this week to ask city leaders to stop Turner's from moving in. They learned about the plans on social media.

"If you go into downtown areas, retail areas, it's teeming with children," Piovesan said. "We want to make sure shops that go in reflect that."

Maltbie said Turner's Outdoorsman needs the police chief to approve a security plan because it sells guns. But there is no requirement to inform the public.

"Currently, there is nothing in municipal code that would require the city to inform the public about the business activity," City Manager Jeff Maltbie said.

That may change. After hearing from dozens of people who are opposed to a second gun retailer in town, the City Council will consider requiring a special use permit for gun retailers and look into a temporary ban on new gun stores.

Outside King's Swim Academy, which is located in the same complex as the planned store, reaction was mixed.

"As long as they follow the law, guns are kept safe, have background checks, I don't have a problem with that," Rose Umeda said.

The City Council said it is expecting to hear from people on both sides of this issue at its next meeting in November.

Turner Outdoorsman did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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