San Franciscans Prefer ‘Haha' to ‘LOL' Online, Facebook Research Indicates

Facebook research indicates that users throughout the country prefer to express laughter by typing, "Haha" or "hehe" rather than "LOL," the acronym for "laugh out loud."

The social media company published a report of regionalized data that showed that different parts of the country favor these expressions or emojis that depict laughter.

San Franciscans seem to prefer, "Hehe" and "haha," but they also use "LOL;" emojis are not popular in the area, according to the research.

But, overall, there's no competition for the top spot. Mashable noted that 51.4 percent of online users on Facebook use "haha" as compared to 33.7 percent who choose an emoji and 1.9 percent who use "LOL."

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