Golden Gate Bridge

Concerns Mount for Whales Dodging Boats in San Francisco Bay

It's that time of year. Majestic whales are thrilling crowds near the Golden Gate Bridge, but the gigantic mammals are once again faced with eluding boats and other large vessels.

The threat and recent instances of dangerous encounters between man and beast have federal officials reminding people to steer clear of the animals at all times.

"Right now, it's a very bad situation out there when the whales are trying to feed and when a lot of people are clustering around them," Mary Jane Schramm of the National Marine Sanctuary said.

Two recent encounters between humans and whales have been caught on camera, according to Schramm. One photograph snapped from the bridge Wednesday appeared to show a boat T-bone a whale.

"We really don't know what the fate of the whale is," Schramm said. "It looked like it was a real solid hit to the side of the whale."

Just days earlier, video spotted a kite boarder and wind surfers closely zooming around two adult whales.

"To me, it's horrific," Schramm said.

Aside from the adventurers, whales are also forced to keep an eye out for commercial ships clogging the water leading in and out of the bay.

The maze of humans and animals has state officials and the U.S. Coast Guard policing the waters as well as reminding people to stay at least 100 yards away from marine creatures and to never chase the animals.

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