San Francisco

San Francisco Bicyclists Protest Police Enforcement of Traffic Laws

San Francisco bicyclists late Wednesday purposely slowed traffic by stopping at every stop sign on the Wiggle, a popular bike route between Golden Gate Park and Market streets.

Bicyclists said they are being targeted by police at the San Francisco's Park Station and held the demonstration in response.

Organizers said they wanted to show what would happen if cyclists actually obeyed the letter of the law. Bike activists contend signs for cars should not apply to them.

"It is more efficient, more optimal and safe to treat it as a yield and just carefully roll through," activist Jason Hernderson said of stop signs. "Not blow through, but roll through.

Henderson also is the author of Street Fight, a book on San Francisco's transportation struggles.

Police have a different take and said they have been getting complaints from drivers, prompting officers to hand out citations to cyclists.

San Francisco Supervisor London Breed believes the law should change and thinks Idaho has the right idea in allowing cyclists to roll through stop signs.

"I like the Idaho stop," Breed said. "I do the Idaho stop when I ride my bike."

But some cyclists admit there are abuses.

"I see some bicycle behavior that is not safe," San Francisco-resident Lacy Lezidna said.

Henderson said Wednesday's protest will likely slow the commute, but it will also bring attention to the issue.

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