San Francisco Can't Measure Up to Texas

Study finds San Francisco not as sexually satisfied as the rest of the nation

San Francisco you are not the sexual Mecca that you thought you were.

Don't believe us? Just ask the people at Trojan. The condom maker knows a thing or two about sex and they have deemed that things really are larger in Texas.

The condom maker conducted a survey of 1,000 adults in 10 cities, including San Francisco, to determine which American metropolis has the most sex and the most sexually satisfied residents, according to our friends at SFist.

San Francisco came up short, really short, in the survey. In fact the romantic city by the bay only beat out Boston in the analysis.

The survey firm StrategyOne, which conducted the poll, found Houston has the most sex and the third most sexually satisfied citizens in the nation. New York and Atlanta has the most sexually satisfied residents but they do not get it on as much as Houstonians.

San Francisco finished just ahead of Boston but Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas-Forth Worth, Houston, New York and Atlanta all have bigger smiles on their faces than us.

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