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Popular San Francisco Jazz Club to Close its Doors

San Francisco residents and fans of Club Deluxe say it’s a huge loss to the city.

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Club Deluxe, a beloved jazz club in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury neighborhood is reportedly closing its doors.

Club owner Sarah Wilde recently sent a letter, informing the musicians that the business will be closing soon.

Musicians have entertained locals and tourists at Club Deluxe since the 1990's. Steve Lucky told NBC Bay Area Wednesday that he remembered playing some gigs at the club.

“Even though it doesn’t have a big stage, the crowd is right on top of you. And everybody who goes there is so into the music, unlike many other places, where musicians might be kind of the wallpaper jukebox over in the corner,” he said.

Father Dan Scheid of All Saints Episcopal Church said he lives a walking distance from the club and goes several times a week. He still can’t believe the owner sent an email to local musicians and fans, saying it's time to go.

Club officials said that corporate greed is the reason why the business has to shut down. The owner said the rent is too high now.

San Francisco residents and fans of Club Deluxe said it’s a huge loss to the city.

“I think local, live music is part of the soul of a community. I say that as a parish priest,” said Scheid.

Musicians also know what a special place Club Deluxe is, as they said it provided gigs and helping the music world.

“At night, you get the door. Then, you get some money from the bar and you get tips. Those three things create a real wage that is unique,” said musician Hank Maninger.

Aug. 27 could be the date of the final show at the venue.

Veritas COO Jeff Jerden provided the following statement on Thursday:

"We have been proactively trying to find a resolution with Club Deluxe for a year now, to keep them in the space, only to be met with a nearly total lack of responsiveness from the club’s owners. Club Deluxe is on a month-to-month lease, and the amended lease offered would have secured their space through 2023 with a substantial rent reduction, and a proposal to forgive two-thirds of their past due rent, over $200,000. Despite the owner’s unwillingness to engage in meaningful negotiations, we have NOT initiated eviction. To the contrary, this new lease would have allowed Club Deluxe to remain in their space through at least 2027. It is incredibly frustrating that we have done everything possible to prevent them from closing, only to be met with what they’ve inaccurately posted."

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