San Francisco Company Makes Jellyfish Art

If you can't get a goldfish, bird or hamster in San Francisco, perhaps you'd consider grabbing yourself a nice cuddly jellyfish.

Local jellyfish aquarium designer, Alex Andon has designed large custom tanks for homes and restaurants, but now he wants to put jellyfish art into Joe Everybody's home, and he's taken to Kickstarter to ask for your help.

Jellyfish require a special kind of tank that keeps them from getting sucked into the filtration system, and the folks at Jellyfish Art have designed just the tank.

In addition, they've added a full spectrum of colored LEDs that can be changed with a remote control.

From the Jellyfish Art website:

"The first jellyfish exhibits opened in public aquariums several years ago when scientists first discovered how to display jellyfish in captivity using tanks with special water flow patterns. These beautiful exhibits have been wildly popular and now jellyfish are found in virtually all the public aquariums. It was clear people absolutely loved to watch jellyfish, but nobody had made the necessary tanks and food to allow people to own them as pets. After some tinkering and experimenting, Jellyfish Art started selling jellyfish tanks, food and jellyfish through a simple website. It was immediately apparent that people had been wanting their own jellyfish as they started purchasing jellyfish tanks. Jellyfish Art took off from there."

If you'd like to ensure you get one of these nifty tanks when they're available, head over to the Jellyfish Art Kickstarter page, and donate some money. $350 will get you on the list to get one when they're ready at the end of the summer.

Clearly people are interested as the jellyfolks have already raised over $54,000.

You can order your jellyfish and food for it on the Jellyfish Art site.

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