San Francisco

San Francisco Considering More Traffic Cameras to Catch Speeders

San Francisco has a lot of cameras that track drivers who break the law and help ticket those who run red lights or park illegally.

But now, the city is considering more cameras to catch speeders. Some are all for it, while others say enough is enough.

Some people who walk in the neighborhood of busy Geary Street said they would like to see drivers slow down. And they may get their wish. The city is looking into a cameras and a radar system that might get drivers who are going over the speed limit to ease off the gas. The city says it is working toward Vision Zero, which would eliminate crashes causing serious injury or death.

Its also being called automated speed enforcement. Transportation leaders are looking into a plan to test them around schools and senior centers. While some might find it to be too much technology looking over your shoulder, Noah Budnick is with the San Francisco bicycle coalition. He said he believes this could be an effective deterrent.

"This kind of reckless and excessive speeding really has no place in our vibrant and brilliant city," said Budnick, who is with the Bicycle Coalition. "Camera enforcement is a great tool to assist our police department in helping people drive safe in the city."

But they'll need approval to proceed. Red light cameras are in use, but state law apparently doesn't allow for speed cameras. So, they'll look to work with partners for legislation that would allow it.

Budnick says other cities like New York use them and found them to be effective.

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