San Francisco Continues Its Anti-Fun Campaign

City shuts down park dancing after 13 years

San Francisco' s War on Fun has claimed another victim.

Documentary about Lindy in the Park

This time the City has shut down Lindy dancing in Golden Gate Park, according to our friends at the San Francisco Chronicle. What crime did the park dancers commit after 13 years of shaking their groove things on JFK Drive? They did not obtain a sound permit of course.

The dancing came to a sudden halt last week when a park ranger told the group, which attracted 100 to 200 dancers every Sunday, it had 20 minutes to "break down their sound system and clear the area," according to organizer Ken Watanabe.

The dance troupe said it didn't know it needed a permit but has no problem getting one. The City to its credit says it wants to help the dancers get back into the park.

"Lindy in the Park is a great event, and we want to see it go forward," Recreation and Park Department Spokeswoman Lisa Seitz-Gruwell told the Gate. "We are working with them to get permits in the future."

But the dance party shut down highlights a bigger problem in the City. What does San Francisco have against fun?

Recently the City has been cracking down and threatening to shut down everything from street food vendors to concert venues for permits and technical issues.

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