San Francisco Couple Transforms Van into Nomadic Home

A San Francisco couple uprooted their life in 2015 to take to the vast roads of America- in a van.

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Juliana Linder
Richmond Hollen works to install a roof fan into the top of the $12,000 Sprinter Van.
Juliana Linder
Linder and Hollen gave up their life in the city to travel together just four months into their relationship.
Juliana Linder
The couple outlined the van's design in 3D modeling programs before constructing their home.
Juliana Linder
Linder recalled that the couple would sleep in their workshop parking lot before driving to watch the sunrise.
Juliana Linder
Linder and Hollen traveled to all terrains, from the beaches of Baja to the Redwood Forests and Northern California.
Juliana Linder
Linder and Hollen began their trip in March 2016 and plan to finish their travels this year in Baja.
Juliana Linder
The couple captured a large following after documenting their travels on Instagram.
Juliana Linder
The van includes a bed, removable table, stovetop, small kitchen and storage cupboards.
Juliana Linder
Richmond Hollen was able to live out his dreams of surfing the California Coast.
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