San Francisco Explores Taxing Trashy Fast-Food

Gum and cigarettes already come with in a built in clean up tax in San Francisco, now the City by the bay is exploring taxing fast-food to clean up after itself.

The head of the City's Department of Public Works says his department is studying the possibility of adding a fee on fast-food to pay for the garbage left generated by the quick eateries. And the department is not talking about charging restaurants for leaving their trash in your arteries.

Last year San Francisco implemented a 20-cent cigarette tax on every pack of smokes bought in the City. The fee is suppose to offset the cost of cleaning up smoke butts from the streets, which officials say cost a pretty penny.

The fast food tax would be similar if implemented. The money would go to help the City recover what it spends in cleaning up litter from food sold at fast-food restaurants.

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