San Francisco's Faddish Family-Man-in-Chief

Gavin Newsom wants cell phones labelled with "radiation" levels

San Francisco's mayor, Gavin Newsom, is known for his distractability, a trait which causes him to pursue pet causes which hardly seem critical to the City.

But now he has someone to blame -- his wife and baby daughter!

According to Newsom, a recent pledge to label cell phones according to their radiation emissions was prompted by thinking about the children -- specifically his infant daughter, Montana Tessa Newsom.

Sure, he cited health concerns from some quarters that electromagnetic waves might be hazardous to your health -- the very concern that has helped keep cell phone towers from going up in San Francisco.

While there is evidence linking electromagnetic radiation to possible health consequences, the amount emitted by cell phones and radio antennas is well below the threshold, often by orders of magnitude.

Some people claim to suffer from "electromagnetic hypersensitivity," but a 2005 study of 31 such sufferers noted that patients experienced symptoms from both real and fake electromagnetic fields, suggesting that "'electromagnetic hypersensitivity' is unrelated to the presence of electromagnetic fields."

Studies trying to find a link between cell phones and cancer have also proven inconclusive, or at least, inconclusive enough that people still believe it may be true.

But hey, according to Newsom, "Europe is way ahead of us on this.

He may be right that knowledge is power when it comes to knowing how much EMR your phone produces, however.

While it's still not clear if there's a connection between cell phones and cancer, a new study shows that cell phone signals might actually fight Alzheimer's in mice.

So sign us up for the most radioactive cell phone on the market!

Jackson West really hopes Montana Tessa Newsom gets her vaccinations instead of getting sick and contagious thanks to a Hollywood celebrity fad.

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