30 Firearms, Including 12 Assault Weapons, Uncovered at Arrested SF Firefighter's Properties

A San Francisco firefighter tasked with saving lives is now behind bars and facing some very serious charges for potentially endangering them.

Court documents indicate the firefighter, Rock Louis Plichcik, had an "arsenal" of assault weapons in his San Francisco properties and possessed them despite a temporary restraining order.

Authorities said 12 assault weapons and 15 other firearms were taken from Plichcik's properties. Police will not confirm that Plichcik worked for the fire department, but he was arrested on the 1200 block of 16th Avenue in San Francisco and a warrant was served for his place of work -- Fire Station 22.

Police this week managed to dig up a mass stockpile of weapons. People who work and live nearby said police were seen pulling out several rifles.

Documents describe the searching of a property on Buchanan and Greenwich as uncovering "an arsenal of weaponry" -- assault weapons and firearms found in two safes.

Plichcik is listed as the property owner. The 59-year-old faces 12 counts of unlawfully possessing an assault weapon. Plichcik allegedly broke the terms of a temporary restraining order set to expire Feb. 28 of relinquishing his weapons.

Plichcik previously told a San Francisco police sergeant he did not own any weapons and that he sold them "long ago." But that sergeant found 12 handguns registered under Plichcik's name.

The Statement of Facts include the driving force behind the order: claims from Plichcik's sister he threatened to kill her. It also highlights a series of "anonymous calls" to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, warning of Plichcik's various firearms, "extremely mentally unstable condition," and threats to "open up fire on a SMART train."

A search warrant was still visible Friday on Plichcik's door.

Court records show Plichcik on Friday was still in custody at the San Francisco County Jail. His next court date is scheduled for 9 a.m. Wednesday. He declined a NBC Bay Area request for a jailhouse interview.

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